Anonymous asked:

I need a good song that says fuck off you ruined your chances, but not in the meanest way possible. I am coming to you because you are the queen of AM songs and I know you can help me find one.

The only two springing to mind at the moment are B-Sides. 

First- Evil Twin. It was on the other side of Suck It And See. SIAS is a sweet sort of love song where a woman’s love is compared to a “leather studded headlock” and how everyone else is “just post-mix lemonade.” Like, how fricken cute is it? This dame is a bottle of Simply Orange, most pulp/so much you can chew it OJ and all others are just Tang. Basically. 

Circling back to Evil Twin. This is one of my favorite tracks to hear live and I always have to scream “THA KNOWS” line. It’s just a brash song about rejecting the love of someone else because they aren’t doing it for you. 

It’s more a hunger than a thirst
She’ll break your heart the second time
Before you know about the first
Looks well-equipped to leave you in the lurch
But you’ll let her do her worst

The chorus is rather liberating since it’s about how “your love’s not what I need, so don’t give it to me.”

I’m still not sure what all of the lyrics on Suck It And See are about but I get the general feeling. It is just the love gone awry.

Second- Temptation Greets You Like a Naughty Friend. It also features Dizzee Rascal. This was a B-Side off Brianstorm. Not too much to say other than the lyrics are brilliant and this song is totally underloved: 

And she said we’ve got that spark,
That only lights a fuse,
Helps you see in the dark,
But it’s a sight you’ll lose when,
The temptation greets you like your naughty friend.

I don’t ever want to hate you,
So don’t show me your bed,
The only roads are cul-de-sacs,
The only ends are dead.

Really, Alex doesn’t have many vicious fuck off lyrics. He’s kinder to the women/characters in his songwriting than that. Personally, I enjoy the fact his words don’t devolve in some male superiority complex and how women are the worst and some kind of ornament. I’m really fucking tired of that trope in songwriting. If anything, the recurring theme in his songs are the relationship went wrong because of what he did. And it’s not in a pitying kind of way. More of a “sorry, you deserve someone more together than me, all the best, you’re fantastic” parting of ways. If anything, he’s recognize he ruined his own chances because he doesn’t feel the woman owes him shit. He just has an incredible love and respect for ladies in his words which I just adore.