Republican Chokes Up At Gay Marriage Debate In Washington (by BuzzFeed)

 Rep. Maureen Walsh understands and speaks from the heart. We can learn so much from this woman. Sam

Continuing on my theme of beautiful and wonderful things on the blog today, you MUST watch this video.  This woman is beautiful.  If you cry at these things like I do, you may want to get the tissue ready.  ~ Kim

I assume this was the lady Ipo was talking about? Amazing.

Yes!  She responded to my email!

This speech is so beautiful. I teared up over her passion and honesty. Incredible words, Representative Walsh. 



Brian Burke is such a great guy, wether you a fan of him or not. He’s just a great guy. And I think it’s great what he’s trying to do.

"The best thing about my son coming out is I didn’t have to take anything back."

Brian is an incredible general manager and I’m so impressed with how he uses his position to speak about making the NHL open to players. Bravo, sir.


Washington State only needs one more senator to vote ‘yes’ so we can pass marriage equality.


Washington State is on the brink of passing Marriage Equality and if we act now we can make it a reality. With both the Governor and House of Representatives in support, right now only the Senate stands in the way of Equal Rights in Washington as it is ONE VOTE SHORT of the necessary 25 to legalize same-sex marriage. If you’re from any of the districts below, call/voicemail and e-mail your Senator because they listen to constituents before anyone else. Tell them your family votes in their district and why they should vote for Marriage Equality, Senate Bill 6239.

24 Senators have already committed to voting YES on equal rights! We only need ONE MORE Senator, so this is something we can accomplish. Invite to this event all Washingtonians you know who support equal rights so they can contact their Senators too!

Below is a list of Senators by area, not necessarily town, so if you’re close to one of these towns it’s probably your Senator.

Six Senators are UNDECIDED so help them decide against discrimination:
Auburn 47, Joe Fain, Joe.Fain@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7692
Bellingham 42, Doug Ericksen, Doug.Ericksen@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7682
Camano Island 10, Mary Margaret Haugen, (360) 786-7618
Edmonds 21, Paull Shin, Paull.Shin@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7640
Raymond 19, Brian Hatfield, Brian.Hatfield@leg.wa.gov,  (360) 786-7636
Redmond 45, Andy Hill, Andy.Hill@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7672

19 Senators OPPOSE equal rights and need convincing otherwise:
Arlington 39, Val Stevens, Stevens.Val@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7676
Auburn 31, Pam Roach, roach.pam@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7660
Eatonville 2, Randi Becker, Becker.Randi@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7602
Hoquiam 24, James Hargrove, jim.hargrove@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7646
Kettle Falls 7, Bob Morton, Morton.Bob@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7612
Lakewood 28, Mike Carrell, Mike.Carrell@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7654
Moses Lake /  Yakima 13, Janea Holmquist Newbry, Janea.HolmquistNewbry@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7624
Potlach 35, Tim Sheldon, Timothy.Sheldon@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7668
Richland 8, Jerome Delvin, Delvin.Jerome@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7614
Ridgefield 18, Joseph Zarelli, Zarelli.Joseph@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7634
Ritzville 9, Mark Schoesler, Schoesler.Mark@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7620
Rochester 20, Dan Swecker, Swecker.Dan@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7638
Spokane 6, Michael Baumgartner, Michael.Baumgartner@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7610
Spokane Valley 4, Mike Padden, Mike.Padden@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7606
Sunnyside 15, Jim Honeyford, Honeyford.Jim@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7684
Vancouver 17, Don Benton, Don.Benton@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7632
Walla Walla 16, Mike Hewitt, Hewitt.Mike@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7630
Wenatchee 12, Linda Evans Parlette, Linda.Parlette@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7622
Yakima 14, Curtis King, King.Curtis@leg.wa.gov, (360) 786-7626

My fellow queers and assorted allies: we have got to stop using arguments like “We were born this way!” and “Being queer is not a choice!” as our first line of defense against heterosexists. It might sound like a neat little trick to pull on these people: if we can’t help being queer, then it’s not fair to punish us for something we didn’t do. But in reality, every time we use this argument we are actually weakening our own position. Shouting “Born this way” from the rooftops is the opposite of progress…. I think the most serious problem with this argument is that it reinforces the idea that we need an excuse to be queer. As a result, using this line subtly supports the idea that being queer requires excusing in some way. Don’t use it. Don’t allow straight people to generate an understanding of queer sexuality that sounds like: “Well, of course Bob wouldn’t wish to be queer, but he was born this way. I guess we better give him equal rights – poor Bob, he just can’t help it. We shouldn’t punish him for something he didn’t choose!”
Meanwhile the real reason that you shouldn’t punish Bob for queerness is because there’s nothing wrong with it!

Social Justice League - Fauxgress Watch: Born This Way.  (via anotherlgbttumblr)

YES. I am so tired of that rhetoric, and this is a fantastic explanation.

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