He’s abandoned some of our key allies like Israel, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Fox’s Liz Cheney attacks President Obama over a country that doesn’t exist anymore (via mediamattersforamerica)

I’m pretty sure Czechoslovakia abandoned Czechoslovakia… 20 years ago.

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History is hard. :/

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Don’t get me started on Obama’s treatment of Prussia. A damned shame, that is. 

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Personally I’m annoyed about his policies towards Hyperborea, Narnia and Middle Earth.

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He has been really harsh on the Hyporborians, hasn’t he? 

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He hasn’t even weighed in on the scandal in Bohemia.

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When is Obama finally going to take a hardline with the USSR? I don’t like how they’re treating East Germany.

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And what, exactly, is Obama’s policy on Cathay and Atlantis?

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Better than his policies in regards to Lemuria.

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Obama’s Agarthan strategy drives me to tears of rage.

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You know I heard his family originates in Hibernia, but he never mentions it. Like he’s ashamed of it.

(via dimbosama) I’m simply curious as to whether or not we are, or ever have been, at war with Oceania

The people of Westeros really need our help, guys. If a nation was ever in need of democratic intervention, it’s that one.


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I’m still pressed he has let Kalimdor suffer. And what the fuck? Ugh the Northrend.