Artist: Girl Talk

Song: Don’t Stop

Album: Feed the Animals

This is the end all be all of mashups I feel. Everyone should just go the fuck home because Girl Talk won the internet and has been hanging onto that title since 2008, when this was released.

I don’t like playing this album out of order. Its such a complete package. First of all, the sampling is absolutely out of control, insane and brilliant. Just look at the list here of what Gregg Gillis used to create an entire new piece of art. And it all blends and works. I stopped counting how many people I’ve shared this album with. Its bright and poppy with surprising elements. For me, the moment that makes it is when the intro Air’s Sexy Boy is playing with the vocals from Britney’s Gimme Morre over it. Flawless.

This album isn’t too hard to track down. If not, I can send it your way. Its perfect party music. Just jam on.

Artist: Iggy Pop

Song: NIghtclubbing

Album: Trainspotting (soundtrack)

I’ve always been a sucker for a good soundtrack. One of my favorite games to play is “which movie was terrible but had a rad soundtrack?” Trainspotting itself is a insane and wonderful movie all at once and the music in it is flawless. The music is suited to being strung out and tired. The moments where you are hot, sweaty and exhausted. Sprawled out on a floor, staring at something, this soundtrack is nails.

I’ve always been fond of the 9 minute 45 second delight that is Born Slippy by Underworld. You’ve heard it a million times, you just didn’t know who it was by. It has so much movement and shifting: a chill beginning that eases into a thundering and throbbing bass. The album is packed with deliciousness such as Elastica’s 2:1 and Perfect Day by Lou Reed.

Buy it.

Artist: Thunderheist

Song: Jerk It

Album: Thunderheist

This is a music project. That is untitled. What I will be doing is going through my massive amount of music and chronicling my favorite albums. Albums, as in complete from top to bottom. Not ones with filler or just one really good single. I think the relative theme is summer jams.

Thunderheist’s album is non-stop bass and booty shaking. The lyrics remind me a bit of early TLC. The lyrics are snappy and sassy and encourage getting your party on. The beats are simple and effective without overproduction clouding the music, Its slick and fun that is suited for bumping in the car.