EW has confirmed that the actor, who played hottie werewolf Isaac on the supernatural teen drama, has opted not return for the show’s upcoming season 4, set to start June 23 on MTV. E! Online was the first to report.

Sharman reportedly asked to pursue other endeavors, and creator Jeff Davis told the website that his character will not be killed off, leaving a chance for him to return in the future.


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So why does he get to live?


Anonymous asked:

Okay it's been eating at me for a bit, the Jeff Davis tweet you recently reblogged. Mostly because the timestamp was May of last year, and I'm only hearing about it now. I'm pissed, because. idk if he was called out on it, and idk if he owned up to being a shithead and idk what to /do/ with myself because the tweet wasn't anything like the shit he's done on the show. The tweet was demeaning and racist to the actor himself, in real life, and it hurts me that Tyler works for someone like that.

plaidandredlipstick answered:

Jeff Davis has never apologized for anything - lol he literally deleted his tumblr and then his twitter because he couldn’t deal with people asking him why he made so many racist and sexist choices with the show (but before he deleted, he called the people questioning him “trolls”.) JD treats Posey in a way that is downright alarming, and he has also treated the actresses and actors differently

People love to defend JD by saying that the “actors chose to leave,” but if I had to work for a racist sexist scumbag, I’d fucking leave too. Not to mention the huge difference in how he has treated female/POC actors who leave v. white male actors who leave - a.k.a., killing the characters played by women and POC while letting the white male characters live. On top of that, JD couldn’t even make Boyd’s death about BOYD - it had to be all about the angst of a white dude, and, haha, now we’re in 3B, seeing the two white men who killed Boyd being integrated into the show. 

THIS is an important post to read, as it discusses how you don’t have to be consciously racist/sexist to perpetrate racism and sexism. Nobody’s saying that JD is a member of the KKK or whatever, but he claimed he wanted to make a show without sexism, racism, homophobia - and he totally and completely failed. Look at how Danny STILL doesn’t have a character arc of his own. The fucking TWINS are more involved in the show than he is. There was also the #killdanny incident which, ha, honestly made my blood boil.  

I know I cry about Boyd and Erica a lot, but I’m glad Sinqua and Gage don’t have to deal with that anymore. I just wish Posey didn’t have to put up with that shit and that they would ACTUALLY fucking do something with Danny, instead of keeping him as the token gay character to preserve their facade of being a halfway progressive show. 

Seriously, TPose deserves so much better than this, and so much better than this shitty racist fandom, too. 





Isaac, Allison, and Lydia in the new Teen Wolf still.

Why do I need a Teen Wolf/Bring It On AU where these three are cheerleaders and they’re holding tryouts and they are just being super bitchy to every single girl that comes in. 





Some of the issues with Teen Wolf’s Sterek problem come from people conflating slash shipping with social activism. Many fans want Sterek to happen purely because they want Stiles and Derek to fall in love, while others are hoping for better representation of LGBT characters on TV in general. Writer and creator Jeff Davis originally planned for Teen Wolf to be a diverse show with a strong LGBT presence, but many fans felt that the show’s third season failed to live up to those promises. Unfortunately, Teen Wolf’s changing social media message isn’t helping.

Last week, Teen Wolf released a video of actor Dylan O’Brien asking for fans to vote for Teen Wolf in a TV Guide poll, a similar situation to the Teen Choice Awards campaign that produced the “ship” video last year. But this time round, they went for threats rather than bribery. Instead of teasing with more Sterek footage, O’Brien joked that if people didn’t vote, they’d kill off the show’s lone surviving gay character, Danny.

The joke didn’t seem very funny, particularly when the survival rate for side characters in Teen Wolf is notoriously low for anyone who isn’t a straight, white man. To make matters worse, MTV released an “In Memoriam” video of all the characters who have died on the show. It was meant to advertise a fan contest to appear (and then die) in a future episode, but it ended up highlighting just how many women and people of color have been killed off so far. For a show that was originally touted as diverse and forward-thinking, things did not look good. [READ MORE]

"The biggest mistake creators can make is to try to dictate to fan communities how they should be interacting or expressing their fannishness. You have to respect these people who love your work."